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The Story of the Flooded Carpet

This is not uncommon. After a flood, your carpet is heavily damaged, and you do not know where to begin. Since the gravity of the damage varies from one home to another, we cannot recommend a standardized method to approach this issue. Instead, we offer a personalized way of dealing with it, ensuring that we tailor-fit an appropriate solution in relation to the problem.


Should Your Replace Your Carpet?
This is the first thing that needs an answer. While the easiest way out is to just remove the whole thing and replace it, there are some methods you can use to save the carpet. But before you do, you need to ensure that you follow these steps:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Do not walk on the carpet unless absolutely necessary
  • Move the furniture or anything that is on top of the carpet
  • Extract the water the soonest possible time to prevent further damage

Typically, it will take experts some time to get to your house. On average, it will take three hours to send a dispatched crew to you, and these hours are crucial. While waiting, you can start the cleaning process to help save your carpet.

Start by separating the carpet from the tack strip, then remove the padding. Raise the carpet off the floor and do what you can to dry the floor and the carpet. Use fans and dehumidifiers. Use vacuums.

Do not attempt to save the carpet padding. These are made of materials that soak easily. What you need to do is to throw them away.

The next thing to do is to dab dry towels on the carpet to help absorb the moisture. If you can remove the carpet off the floor, take it out and dry it under the sun.

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