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Water damage has several classes and categories

Categories of Water Loss
Water loss refers to the contamination of the water, in reference to its source.

Category 1 – the water came from a clean or sanitary source. It has no risk if it is inhaled or ingested.

Examples of these are:

  • Water supply lines
  • Sinks and tubs
  • Melting ice or snow
  • Rainwater
  • Broken toilet bowls

Category 2 – refers to water loss that is contaminated. This is water that can cause diseases or ailments of ingested, or if it was absorbed by an open wound. Water like this can contain bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Examples are:

  • Toilet bowl overflow
  • Washing machine drains and overflow
  • Drains from dishwashers
  • Broken aquarium

Category 3 – this refers to water that is toxic. It contains very harmful pathogens like viruses, or harmful agents like pesticides, animal, and human wastes, or remains, including toxic substances.

Examples are:

  • Sewage
  • Toilet backflows
  • Contaminated surface water like flooding

Categories of Water Class
Water class refers to the amount of water. It also includes the estimated evaporation rate after taking into consideration the type of material that was damaged and the size of the affected area.

Class 1 – only a small area is affected by water loss. Sometimes, the area is large, but only moisture absorption is minimal.

Class 2 – here, water loss has affected large areas like a whole room, including carpets. In most situations, the water has reached at least two feet. The moisture is not only on the floor but can also be found in walls and concrete.

Class 3 – in this situation, water came from the top. The usual situations are overhead sprinklers during a fire or during thunderstorms. Walls, carpets, insulation—nothing was spared.

Class 4 – in this scenario, water loss has happened in materials that are hard to penetrate and dry. Examples of these are wood, concrete, and plaster walls. In a situation like this, the water has permeated the materials deep enough that it will take time to dry them.

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