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Drying Your Hardwood Floor

Water likes wood, so if your floor is made of hardwood, it is susceptible to water damage. If you leave standing water on hardwood long enough, the damage may be irreversible. If you have damaged hardwood now, you have to call Water Damage Massachusetts so we can help you out immediately.

The Process of Hardwood Damage with Water
Wood is naturally absorbent. It takes in water all the time. However, the moisture level must be between 6% and 12% to maintain its structure. Too dry and it will crack. Too wet and it will also fall off. Wood that is saturated with liquid, or is always exposed to high humidity conditions, will absorb moisture and warp, crack, and get discolored.

As such, proper drying is imperative. It is easier said than done. Drying hardwood floors too fast or too much can also cause irreversible damage. Here at Water Damage Massachusetts, we have the right knowledge and equipment to facilitate drying. We know how to deal with different types of hardwood floors, and we also know how to extract the moisture the right way, without drying it.

There are different types of hardwood floor, and they will also react differently to water. In some cases, hardwood can get damaged in as short as 24 hours, while some can withstand water damage for a longer period of time. Do not second-guess whether you need to call a professional if your hardwood floor is damaged. All it takes is a quick action, and you can save your flooring, and restore it to its natural beauty.

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